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Glock 23 Upgraded Lower Parts Kit

Glock 23 Upgraded Lower Parts Kit


  • Product Info

    Glock 23 Lower Parts Kit LPK! Fits Gen 3 Glock 23. All parts OEM - all parts NEW, ready to ship! Includes OEM upgraded extended slide release and mag release.

     Kit Includes:

    Glock OEM Locking Block Pin - SP04368

    Glock OEM Magazine Catch (Extended) - SP01981

    Glock OEM Magazine Catch Spring - SP00280

    Glock OEM Slide Lock - SP00301

    Glock OEM Slide Lock Spring - SP02317

    Glock OEM Slide Stop/Release Lever (Extended) - SP07496

    Glock OEM Trigger Connector (5lb) - SP00343

    Glock OEM Trigger Mech Housing - SP01896

    Glock OEM Trigger Pin - SP00420

    Glock OEM Trigger Spring -SP00350 

    Glock OEM Trigger with Bar - SP02303

    Kit does not include a locking block, which is not required to complete the Polymer80 PF940Cv1 Pistol Frame Kit.

    Fit: Glock 23 or Polymer80 Frame Kit




    The polymer80 frame does not need the plastic trigger housing frame since it comes with one so Glock OEM Trigger Housing Pin - SP00427 is NOT INCLUDED IN THIS KIT!!!!



$80.00 Regular Price
$68.00Sale Price
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