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Mac n Cheese Anti Walk Pins

Mac n Cheese Anti Walk Pins

For .154 small pin holes


These are the STRONGEST pins that can be produced and were designed to withstand the high impact.


This kit ensures the pins are always held in place, even under the most conditions if you use loctite.


Includes all mounting hardware.


The pins are stainless steel and the screws are finished in black oxide.


An absolute must-have upgrade for any user.


They will eliminate any free-play with match triggers.


No modifications or gunsmithing is lower is within spec.


The pin being too long will not affect the function or performance. Long pins are due to undersized lowers.


Please do not Over-torque the screws can cause damage to the housing.


This kit can be used in all kinds of AR Platorm 5.56, 223, 308


Easy to install and no modifications are required, under most conditions.

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