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Polymer 80 SC Stainless Steel Noncaptured Guiderod

The Polymer 80 SC Stainless Steel Noncaptured Guiderods have been designed by Patriot Machine Tools to create a top notch competition guiderod for the avid shooter in mind. Made of 304 Stainless Steel to give a perfect balance of strength and corrosion resistance this is the guiderod for you. Why settle for higher prices when you can get top notch gear for affordable prices. These are made in the USA with the most careful level of detail in mind. These are machined to tight tolerances so that there isn't any sloppy performance. We want to make the best products at afforable prices so that you can shoot your best and spend the money on more ammo to have more range time! These are not only for competition, but perfect for duty carry too. They help reduce time taking appart a captrured guiderod to clean or lose some of the parts. With a simplistic design in mind these have no parts to lose or break while shooting. These should last a lifetime.

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