We started this company from a anti-gun state in a bedroom with just $100 to spend in merchandise and our company has grown so much as every year passes by. There were many challenges and despite it all we adapted and overcame them. We sourced parts for customers despite gun ban scares and unconstitutional regulations and did everything to maintain inventory to be able to supply customers with quality parts that we use ourselves. We will not carry an item we are not confident in and will not sell sub-par quality items. The manufacturers and distributors may have quality control, but we spend extra time reviewing the quality of every item we carry. We started on eBay and now have grown to have our own Facebook page and website. We will in the near future start having large company branded parts manufactured for us. The sky is the limit. We will revolutionize the firearms industry and set a new standard for customer service as well as quality. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us we will take care of you like our own family and friends. 





 (P  201-877-2179 / Email patriotmachinetools at gmail.com


Margate, Florida

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